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Even the load on your spine this Christmas

Carrying Shopping Bags Evenly F

Even the load on your spine this Christmas for good spinal health!

Have you ever noticed how your neck naturally leans away from a heavy load you are carrying?

We do this naturally to try and balance the weight. However, if we do this for too long and too often, then you are setting yourself up for tension between the neck and shoulder area causing inflammation and pain.

So, how do we manage to keep good spinal health with all those Christmas shopping bags?

Whilst we like to be environmentally mindful by bringing an environmental shopping bag to replace store plastic bags, shoving everything into one bag can overload one side of your body, so it is best to bring a few enviro-bags with you to even the load both sides of your body, keeping your body balanced.

When carrying your shopping, keep your arms in an off-lock extended position with palms facing your legs. This keeps your wrists, elbows and shoulders in a less strained natural position avoiding muscle and ligament inflammation.

Taking care of your health by preventative measures is always the best course of action. However, if you find yourself in discomfort or pain, please make an appointment with Mary Anne Lowery Chiropractor to discuss your situation and what assistance can be offered to you.

So don't hesitate, call now on 4721 2143 to improve your quality of life.


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