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Super Pulsed Cold Laser: Is M.E.L.T. the end of the ICE age?

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New research has shown that using laser for sporting injuries achieves a far superior result than the old ICE treatment.

M.E.L.T. is the new formula for the healing of ligaments for long term strength and flexibility.

M is for movement/mobility of the affected joints / Chiropractic adjustments.

E is for the elevation, a natural way of decreasing swelling.

L is for laser, can be applied to the lymphatics and the local injured area.

T is for tape, creates a bio-mechanical lift of the skin from the soft tissues underneath, allowing more blood to flow for optimum healing.

Taking care of your health by preventative measures is always the best course of action. If you find yourself in discomfort please make an appointment with Mary Anne Lowery Chiropractor to discuss what assistance can be offered to you.


Reference: MELT Report, Winter 2014 by Synaptic Design Pty Ltd

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