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Massage Therapy

In our clinic we have discovered that massage therapy combined with Chiropractic provides a very powerful healing combination. Our clinic provides Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Relaxation Massage, Baby Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Bowen Therapy and Classes.

Massage is great for:

  • Pain relief
  • relieving stress, tension and headaches
  • muscle spasms
  • sports massage – pre-event and post-event
  • improves circulation and blood flow
  • improves muscle and organ function
  • revitalises energy and wellbeing
  • promotes better sleep
  • relaxation
  • Bowen Therapy*

* Bowen therapy is a non invasive treatment to produce a positive effect on the body and provide lasting pain relief from many aliments such as frozen shoulder, whiplash, lower back pain, pelvic pain especially relating to pregnancy and many other conditions. Bowen is also a vital tool in assisting holistic body healing

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Meet Our Massage Therapists


shane roberts 7291

After spending almost 20 years involved in elite gymnastics as an athlete, coach, and international judge, I have shifted my focus from producing some Australia's top athletes to assisting in rehabilitation, pain management, and injury prevention. My time spent as an elite coach has helped me understand and analyse the stresses the body withstands in different sports and the importance and maintaining proper biomechanics to maximise performance. Although sport is my passion, a high focus of my treatment is assisting in the rehabilitation process of injuries or conditions of my patients may be experiencing. Through remedial treatment of massaging, stretching and suggested lifestyle modifications I can assist in regaining, maintaining or improving a better quality of life.


lauren mcmartin 7278

Lauren graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness with her Diploma in December 2014. Before that, she was working with elite sports teams such as the NRL's SS Rabbitohs, the Australian Cricket Team and the NSW Waratahs managing pre and post-game recovery massages, game day sports massages and targeted individual massages for players during off-season.

Lauren enjoys easing a wide range of patients from chronic pain and stress, acute injury, and pre and post operation muscular stress. She balances the needs of these sports teams, her own individual clients and her clients here at Mary Anne Lowery Chiropractic.

Her approach has always been tailored individual treatments to target client's goals, be there a need for stress management and relaxation, pain reduction, increased range of motion or aiding in injury rehabilitation. She uses a broad range of techniques including myofascial release, deep tissue, sports and remedial massage, relaxation and stretching.

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys weightlifting, reading a wide range of fiction and chasing her two young Labradors!


jess mott 7284Jess is qualified in Remedial Massage, Shiatsu and is currently undergoing her Bachelor of Psychology at WSU. She is really passionate about her clients and helping people to live pain-free lives. Jess strongly believes that including massage into your life can help to reduce stress and injuries. You will find Jess likes to incorporate (but is not limited to) deep tissue, trigger point therapy and relaxation techniques to aid you in your healthcare journey.

Jess enjoys reading, spending quality time with friends and family (including her dog) and travelling.