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What To Expect

You are welcomed to our clinic and one of our Chiropractors will take a detailed medical and lifestyle history. This allows them to have a better understanding of your condition and what factors contribute to it. This will be followed by a thorough examination of your spine and its alignment. If you have recent x-rays with you, these will also be looked at to determine structural integrity and stability, if not you will be given a referral for your next visit if needed.

Our Chiropractor will assess all these factors to decide which way to treat you. This initial consultation will last about half an hour and you receive your first chiropractic treatment on this visit.

What to bring: Please bring any x-rays you may have of your back, neck or any problem areas and please wear comfortable clothing.


On your second visit we show you a brief 8 minute DVD which explains Chiropractic and how it works, but more importantly it helps you better understand your treatment and your x-rays when the chiropractor goes through them with you. After explaining the x-rays, the extent of the problems, and the course of treatment required we then do our second Chiropractic treatment. This will also be about half an hour.


After the investment of time needed for the Initial and Second visit, a typical standard consultation may require just several minutes. One of our Chiropractic Assistants will take you through to a treatment room where you will receive a brief massage to warm and loosen up your muscles, then the chiropractor will come in and follow up with your treatment.

Like a regular workout at the gym, each visit builds on the one before. Miss a visit and your body can lose the momentum necessary to make the needed changes.

Regular progress evaluations are done to ensure your chiropractic progress is on schedule and dependant on your results, your treatment plan may be altered accordingly.